Garment Minimums Favorable for Mixed-Gender Teams & Clubs

Garment Minimums Favorable for Mixed-Gender Teams & Clubs

Our commitment to mixed-gender teams and clubs…

Most custom clothing manufacturers have minimum order policies based on garment type and gender. That means you need to order 5 men’s jerseys and 5 women’s jersey, otherwise run the risk of being hit with a surcharge for missing minimums.

But, what if your team or club is comprised of 5 men and 2 women?

You’re going to have to either buy 5 men’s jerseys and 5 women’s jerseys to meet the minimums, or 7 men’s jerseys and have your female riders in men’s clothing.

We think that’s ridiculous!

Once a gender minimum is met…

Not only do we offer a low 5-piece minimum for individual custom garments (some of our competitors require 10 or even 20!), but we will waive the second gender minimum as long as one gender minimum is met.

This policy means gender specific garments that are identical in description (e.g. Men’s and Women’s Ascent Jersey) will be considered to have met minimum quantity requirements when either the men’s or women’s versions are met independently.

Here’s some clarification examples:

  • If an order contains 5 Men’s Ascent Jerseys then as few as 1 Women’s Ascent Jersey can be ordered. This order will have met all minimum requirements.
  • However, if an order contains 3 Men’s Ascent Jerseys and 2 Women’s Ascent Jerseys, this order does not meet minimum requirements. Either 5 Men’s Ascent Jerseys or 5 Women’s Ascent Jersey would need to be purchased to satisfy the minimum. Then the lower number can be purchased for the other gender. Mixing and matching cannot satisfy the one gender minimum.
  • Let’s say an an order contains 5 Men’s Ascent Jerseys and 2 Women’s Continental Jerseys. While the minimum has been met for the Ascent Jerseys, it does not satisfy the below minimum purchase of the Women’s Continental Jerseys.

You can see more about minimums and other custom policies here »

Dedicated to diversity and women in cycling…

Pactimo is thrilled to offer the one gender minimum policy, as it continues to show our dedication to smaller or diverse teams and clubs, and to women’s cycling as a whole.

We are one of the few custom clothing manufacturers with such a wide selection of women-specific cycling apparel. From jackets to jerseys and shorts to bibs, we believe women athletes shouldn’t have to wear men’s clothing when training, racing or logging miles on their bike.

Custom cycling clothing for mixed-gender teams and clubs

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